Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fleas Please

OK so I am here.......My nails are a mess, I need a groomer and my eyebrows are out of control....enough about me,how are my fellow bloggers?  So sorry to leave you hanging  but things have been so busy.  Spring has sprung and the dogs and cats are coming in for heartworm and flea control.  It is so great to see the humans doing such a great job!! I mean have you ever had fleas?  I have.....I don't like to talk about it.  Not a good time in my life.  Not only do you not get asked out, you can get very sick from fleas.  OK so I need a nap... I am out....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Snowbanks! Love them!!!

So I was dreaming about winning the Gold in the Halfpipe.......Then I realized it was one of the humans talking not about me winning gold but Shaun White and his killer Mc Twist winning the gold!  So that inspired me to head out to the biggest snowbank with my dear human friend Colleen.  I take her for walks many times a day!  She loves it.  I was jumping in those banks, it was crazy.  I could not believe Colleen did not join me?  I miss Tupelo....thought I saw her the other day...but it was another White Pom named Sadie:)  She was pretty cool!  OK sorry about that I just miss that barking hot mess.  Gotta go....looks like Colleen has to go out, she is carrying her leash :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

An update from a friend

So I got a call today from my dear friend Tupelo Honey.  She is on Vay kay in Colorado.  I miss her but to be honest I have been so busy here....I kinda forgot she was gone.  Boy I hope she does not read this.
So the Open house has been busy!  Thanks to all you humans that braved the cold weather.  Thanks as well to all the rescue groups!  We have two foster bunnies from Delaware County Humane Society that will be staying with us until they find their new home.  So we are becoming a true Ark!  A safe haven for all animals.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Ready for Vancouver!

So not just you humans love winter sports!  Did you know I used to be a master of the half pipe? That was many years ago.  I was such a Betty......(slang for boarder chick).  So don't let the snow keep us in.  We can still go for our walkies!  Just make sure we are not out too long and get the snowballs and ice off our feet when we come in!  Our felines.....not such fans.  Keep them inside and next to a warm fireplace.  They are wimps in my eyes.  So let the games begin......
I am out!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Open House

OK....so it is here!  The open house!  I am so excited.  We have so much fun stuff lined up this week.  One of my big happy moments is the lovable adoptables!  Being a girl that was once a rescued pup from.....and I do brag... Columbus Dog Connection! My heart is with the rescue groups.  What a great group!  I do love the adoption events.  You can find all kinds of amazing companions.  I hear that we are even going to have bunnies from Delaware County Humane Society!  Black and Orange Cat Foundation along with Colony Cats are getting into it!!  So show up and support these amazing groups. As you know we all have been rescued once or more in our lives!
Diva Yushay

Monday, February 8, 2010

Will you be my valentine?

Oh who will be my valentine?  I am sweet and I look good!  I am single and love long walks in the snow.  Oh and chocolate.......mmmmmmmm give me those kisses :) What???? WHAT ?????? Did they just say no chocolate for dogs?  One of the human medical official like person just said to a human owner," and make sure to keep all your valentine chocolate candy locked up, it can make dogs very sick, even die."  Ok so now i am freaking out!  So I guess that we pooches cannot process chocolate.....the darker the worse.  So like milk chocolate is the least toxic and bitter dark bakers chocolate is the worst.  OK so all you single dogs out there send me diamonds and flowers....Skip the chocolate!  It is not good for my figure anyway.
Your Valentine:)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gone to the Dogs.....

It was a busy night here at the Ark!  IV pumps going, radiograph machine working, humans back and forth talking about treatments and dogs eating people food?  OK now that caught my ear.....I LOVE PEOPLE FOOD!  Ok I did until I heard what it can do to dogs!  Who knew that people food can cause a severe and very painful condition in dogs called pancreatitis.  It makes dogs vomit and painful and most dogs have to be in the hospital for many days!  Some dogs can even have life long problems after having this disease.  I tried to listen as much as I could but to tell you the truth I just buried myself in my bed tried to act like I was asleep.  The humans here love to talk.....trust me....so if you ever want to know anything about pancreatitis, call here!!!  A human will talk to you or your human:) I would but my blue tooth is out.
The Queen